Smögen has a lot to offer. To see the monumental art light in this environment is magnificent, but don’t miss out to experience the island at daytime as well. There are several really nice walking trails to enjoy. The old fishing village with the boardwalk and boathouses are most picturesque, but there are more to find out. During the festival you’ll be able to walk these trails guided by locals with special knowledge in places, nature and history. Come back further on for more detailed information.

The old fishing village
Join a guided tour along the boardwalk, with boat houses and the cottages built by the fishermen. Take part of a local, historical perspective.

Sandö – Nature and geological walk
Sandön is a peninsula on the the north part of Smögen. The area is a nature reserve with walking trails in rocky surrounding.

Kleven – Stonecutters trail
Kleven is the southern part of Smögen. Here you find the heritage of the stonecutters, beautiful views and a fresh water pond that long ago was used at winter to get ice for the fish industry.

Hästen – Nature and historial walk
Hästen is the peninsula at the west part of Smögen. This is also called the Dutchmen’s rocks. Leavings from the 16th century (This was before Smögen was an habitat) have been found in this area. Dutchmen came to the archipelago to fish herring in periods and it seems they built temporary settlements here.

Glommen – Nature
This is the peninsula that reaches out between Hästen and Sandö, close to the water tower. Here you have the perfect spot for the sunset.