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“Island of Light 2018” will present a series Talks & Workshops by prominent light artists and scientific researchers on the topics of light art and the preservation of our natural environment with particular emphasis on marine sustainability. Free entrance to all talks, but the seats are limited.  Sign up at:


Friday 14 september

11 am. At the association Fiskareföreningen Norden in Smögen
Sixten Söderberg, from Fiskareföreningen Norden.
Talk: On environmentally friendly fishing and fishing gear.

3 pm. At Hotel Smögens Hafvsbad
Thomas Hjertberg, Professor in Polymer
Talk: Plastic in the seas – There are solutions.

4 pm. At Hotel Smögens Hafvsbad
Alexandra Stratimirovic, Light Artist
Talk: Working and realizing light art projects in public and urban spaces.

Saturday 15 september
11 am. At Hotel Smögens Hafvsbad
Mats Höggren, CEO Nordens Ark
Talk: Hightlighted Nature Conservation – Nordens Ark.

1 pm. At Hotel Smögens Hafvsbad

Helena Bredin, Project Manager at Ren Kustlinje
Talk: Clean Coastline.

2 pm. At Hotel Smögens Hafvsbad

Martin Hassellöv, Professor at the Department of Marine Sciences– Gothenburg University
Talk: Oceans Sustainability.

3 pm. At Hotel Smögens Hafvsbad
Tyrone Martinsson, Photographer and lecturer at Academy Valand – Gothenburg University
Talk: Sight of Nature, Art and Science.

4 pm. At Hotel Smögens Hafvsbad
Paul Friedlander, scientific artist
Talk/Workshop: Kinectic Light Art – “On Waves”.