Island of Light 2018 took place along a route called “Smögen Light Walk”. You can follow the path down below.

Press 2018
Talks & Workshops 2018
Image bank 2018

1. Flowers of Light
The opening piece of art was made by the four graders in the community. Lead by the artist Vladimir Stoces, the task for each student was to, out of recycled plastic material and LED lamps, create a flower showing the persons own identity. Mixed together, the flowers turned into the opening installation on Smögen square (nr 12 on the map).

2. Pond 1 – Heather Keith, CAN
Heather Keith was represented on three various sites at the festival 2018.

3. My Light Future – Aleksandra Stratimirovic, SLOV/SWE
Aleksandra Stratimirovic wants to explore if commercial signs can communicate another content than the ordinary. Hers deal with phrases picked up in interviews with 3 to 6 years old children. Their thoughts about life and the future.

4. Pond 2 – Heather Keith, CAN
Heather Keith was represented on three various sites at the festival 2018.

5. LuminEscence – Teresa Mar, AUS
To honor Smögen, the world-famous artist Teresa Mar from Austria presented a specific work of art, with historical photos of people and places on the island mixed into her sparkling colors. She says: “Using art light, I am building bridges between the present and the past”.

6. Epiflora – Studenter vid Dalarnas högskola, SWE
A WOW-moment for all visitors, made by a group of first graduates from the Institution of Audio-Visual Production at the University of Dalarna. Under the quite strange name “Svärmors tunga” (eng. The mother-in-law´s tongue), they made this 40 minutes long 3D-mapping-projection on the cliff Hästen (eng The Horse) in the bay Vallevik.

7. Flundrebogsand
Food Trucks and facilities.

8. Secret Garden – Heather Keith, CAN
To reach the cliffs of Kleven ( a part of Smögen) you passed through a world of fantasy created by the Light Artist Heather Keith from Canada/Sweden.

9. A parasitic gesture – Rune Guneriussen, NOR
Significant for Rune Gunerussen from Norway is the so-called IKEA-lamps placed in a landscape to create suggestion. He says: “In a way it shows mankind´s brutal effect on the environment”.

10. Light Spiral – Paul Friedlander, UK
What the world-famous light artist Paul Friedlander talked about in his workshop (länk till Talks&Workshops), he presented in real life in front of one of the beautiful cliffs of Smögen. He said:” I am still childishly fascinated by turning motion into color, and I want to discover it over and over again”.

11. Interactive corner and Food Trucks
On a screen sensitive to light, people joined to scribble with their cell phones.

12. Smögens square
The site for the installation made by children in the community, “Flowers of light”. Also functioning as Infopoint for the festival.