To cherish a valuable environment

Talk: Clean coastline
Speaker: Helena Bredin, project manager Clean Costline
Site: Smögen Seaside Resort

It is not only global media companies like CNN that ranks the Bohus Coast as one of the most beautiful settings in the world. The people that have lived here for generations is aware of the jewel they hold in their hands, and the local strive to cherish it is strong.

Among the artists that came to the festival Island of Light Smögen were several globally recognised names, used to show their light art in the big metropolises.

“It felt a bit shaky to contact them and ask if they could consider coming to Smögen, a small island far to the north”, says the grounder Dulce Ahlberg.

But they came, and they said yes. Actually more said yes than the organisation of the festival could afford. All of them experienced it to be very special to be able to exhibit far from the skyscrapers in the million cities and out in the wild and pure nature.

The local environmental efforts
Besides the art, it was therefore very appropriate to put the environment high on the agenda of the festival.

Helena Bredin is a central person for the local environmental work in the community of Sotenäs and for the cooperation with the other municipalities in the region as well as Norway and Denmark. In other words, all those sharing the coastlines along the Skagerack Sea. Within this Scandinavian cooperation there are 34 actors all supporting what they call a “Call for action”.

Overall, the work is encompassed by the vision of a clean sea. To raise the knowledge, increase awareness and contribute to a change in the behaviour of humans in their intercourse with the surrounding environment, and to make it simpler for people to do the right things.

With strong currents tons of trash is drifted towards the coastline of Skagerack, and the archipelago of northern Bohuslän is one of the most affected areas. Once a year volunteers gather to clean the beaches from plastics and other trash, and to facilitate the work Sotenäs has developed a special beach cleaning boat.

“Added to this the boaters are sovereign on contributing, Helena says and describes how a “Beach cleaning map”, a kind of communication system, has been developed to support them.

They often pick up, not only their own trash, but also others, and with help of this system the can contact the municipalities for collection before they continue to the next natural harbour. Hopefully a cleaner one.