Welfare is reflected in the ocean

Talk: Sustainable fishing
Speaker: Sixten Söderberg, Nordic Fishermen Association
Site: Nordic Fishermen Association´s repair shop

In the repair shop of the Nordic Fishermen Association Sixten Söderberg says, “It is bad, but there is hope”. For many years now, he has been working with sustainable development of fishing gear, and while saying it he turns to the young ones in the audience.
His talk was the first to be held at the Island of Light Art Festival at Smögen, and of course it was arranged in the trawl workshop.

Striving to develop new, smart and sustainable fishing gear is a way to take on the responsibility for the future, for the next generation. And Sixten Söderberg says it looks like the politicians are finally listening to what he has to say.

“Too long there has been too much talk and too little work”, Sixten says, and shows how small changes of the meshes in a fishing-net can save small shrimps and fishes lives, giving them a chance to grow before catching them.
He says, “in fact this has been harder for the professionals to take on, but it seems like they finally have realized that what I call selective equipment is profitable. On the bottom line.

In no way Sixten Söderberg likes to call the professional fishermen as crooked. He himself was a fisherman for 50 years, and he reminds himself of how little he and all the others thought of the fact that the ocean could be exhaustless. And the equipment was made like it always had been done.

Proudly he now shows how new gear is made of recycled material in a way that protects the balance in the ocean. It separates small fishes and shrimps from large in the takes, saves the bottom of the sea from devastation and reduces the need for fuel.

He says,” it’s about time for politicians and authorities not only to listen to what researchers are saying, but to take this even further – to stop taking chances”.

“None of us can for certain be sure of what is going on under the surface, but we better be careful. The ocean, you see, is reflecting our welfare”.