Climate change darkens our time

Talk: The approach to nature, art and science
Speaker: Tyrone Martinsson, photographer and photo historian at the Academy of Valand, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Site: Smögen Seaside Resort

Having listened to Tyrone Martinsson one realizes that not only is the water levels raising due to the melting glaciers. In the future the sun will not be able to reflect in wide open spaces of ice and snow. The earth will become a darker place for us to live on.

Tyrone Martinsson is a researcher in Environmental photography, and he talks about all the things he has learned from his precursors, and how he has used what they did to demonstrate what is happening to the climate – in an alarming tempo.

A holistic view
Timothy H. O´Sullivan became famous for his documentation of the great American civil war. Less known are the photos he took during several scientific expeditions. Albert Bierstadt made history as a magnificent landscape painter, and Alexander von Humboldt, says Tyrone Martinsson, should be more noticed as a great communicator than he is. By writing and visualizing what he found during field studies he taught us how everything fits – gave us a holistic view upon nature.

It was in the spirit of those forerunners, Tyrone Martinsson started to study, and to take part in scientific expeditions to Svalbard, north of Norway. He found and brought 400-year-old maps of the Magdalena fjord, not only beautiful but also informative. By studying them, and comparing them to photos from 1861, taken by a medicine student by the name of Axel Goes, and photos taken at the same spot by Nils Strindberg during the Andree polar expedition, 1896-1897, he got a picture of the changes in the environment over time.

They did not seem that big. Not until now. The photos now taken by Tyrone Martinsson at the same spot, at the same time of the day, from the same angels of the Magdalena fjord shows tremendous changes. The famous and admired “hanging iceberg” is totally gone, and there is almost nothing left of the glacier Anna in the bay beside.

Put side by side the old and the new photos tell the story of a darker world – in our time.